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Custom Affirmation by Ashley Diana

Custom Affirmation by Ashley Diana

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Fully custom affirmation written & recorded by Ashley Diana, Founder of Affirmation Babe.

5-7 days turnaround time

100% digital delivery - PERFECT TIMING FOR THE HOLIDAYS

What happens next...

1. Purchase your custom affirmation below
2. Fill out a quick questionnaire - so we can create the best affirmation possible
3. Your custom affirmation will be digitally delivered within 5-7 business days

Can I get request edits to my affirmation?
Yes! After we gather some information, the "script" for your affirmation will be sent to you for your approval. You can request up to 3 edits.

How long will my affirmation be?
We find that the most effective affirmations are between 3-5 minutes long. Your affirmation will be between 400-600 words.

Will my affirmation be shared publicly or posted to the Affirmation Babe podcast?
No, this affirmation is just for you.

How will the affirmation be delivered?
The affirmation will be delivered digitally to you via a high quality MP3 file.

How long will it take to create my affirmation?
Our current turnaround time is 5-7 business days. This many be extended due to revisions.

Can I purchase an affirmation for someone else?
Yes! Our questionnaire will help gather information about the person you want to gift the affirmation to.
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Affirmation Babe is a female-founded self-development brand committed to helping people live the life they desire through the power of positive affirmations.